Management Systems

With our effective above-property team, MHM elevates its managed properties by deploying established systems, policies, and procedures for operations and consistent management of property staff.

Our time-tested systems ensure properties perform above their comp sets, financially, legally, and procedurally while our team supports and actively ensures guest satisfaction and profitability. With operational handbooks, staff training procedures, maintenance systems, and revenue management, we set properties up to succeed. Per policy, MHM team members visit each hotel once or more per week with additional daily phone and email communications.

We empower on-site staff to take responsibility and pride in their properties while MHM team members remain available 24 hours a day when needed at a property. We encourage the connection between the managed properties and MHM operations through this interaction as well as team building activities that remind the on-site staff of our mutual goals. Our systems encourage attention to detail at the property level while supporting custom solutions and personal service for each property's unique needs.