Human Resources

MHM feels the staff on site are essential to success in Hotel Management. Our HR core starts with our policies and procedures that have been vetted through years of usage. We continually update them to stay legally current though contracted services and with brand requirements. For hiring, we have established benefits and policies for risk management. While our management company personnel are always a call away, our policy manuals covering every subject, allow the onsite staff the ability to address issues as they arrive, even rare situations. We contract with outside payroll, benefits and HR consulting services. Internally, we have firm policies and procedures, with detailed handbooks and training. Erik Biggs, Executive Vice President, and Joshua Waite, MHM Human Resources Manager ensure that our General Managers are following the Human Resources Policy and Procedures outlined in the Personnel Manual. General Managers are responsible for the hiring, training, supervision and retention of on-site staff, and are expected work with the EVP and HR Manager regularly, in addition to utilizing MHM’s training and manuals.